Local SEO

Sometimes sites are changed to improve the experience for the visitor while others are built to provide search engines with the most useful information possible. Check the local section of your own site to see how Google ranks it and make sure to use a SEO checklist to start improving your website. If its near the top, chances are the reason is for a great local SEO. Try making the local SEO a priority for your site and you’ll start to see the results sooner.

Content marketing & SEO: The scalable way to be in the right place at the  right time

So, how do you improve your local SEO? These are the best steps to take:

First of all, improve the content. Make sure that you have a good understanding of the unique needs of your audience. Choose the right topics and write in an interesting manner. Make sure that your content is in English. Improve the user experience with the links that you give. Send useful and relevant resources to your visitors. Start to create customized content to keep your local SEO at the top of the search engines. In terms of technology, start to check the results of local search engines when using Google+. Ask questions and dont assume you know the answer to them.

If your site falls well below the top results, it could be that the original site is the result of a poor local SEO. The other reason could be that you’re using a special algorithm that Google has introduced that automatically ranks your site. If so, have a look at this article on how to make sure that your SEO stays strong and correct.