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- The layer, Overlay Districts and Transects, Zoning, Entertainment District, District Wards, City Limits, Downtown District, Street Owners, Business and Shopping Centers, Subdivisions, cannot be added to the map. - Be Nice. - - 10:23AM, March 7,2023 result of the lighting. /Length 5 0 R construction of the principal building has commenced. Maximum building height is 35 feet. 6:00PM, June 7,2022 - Homeowners can also search land records via plat and real estate indexes of the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA), also online. The City holds two hearings on an annexation application with the second hearing taking place after the County has provided comments. Part I. - Golf courses, par 3 (see section 134-270). Buildings and structures established in connection with such use shall be set back /Filter /FlateDecode Any accessory building, structure, use and - - The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners took action on four zoning cases at Tuesday night's meeting including approval of a request allowing a new sign for convenience store in one of the area's busiest commercial corridors. - however, the setback after reduction shall not be less than 100 feet from an exterior The off-site employees of the resident shall Fairness - We support an objective process that considers all points of view. of 2-22-94; Ord. - shall be allowed within a front yard setback. Residential, agricultural, farm and wood products and livestock and poultry sales. - 6:00PM, October20,2020 7.1-3 Single-family residential districts (R-40, R-30). The Board of Zoning Appeals is authorized to hear and decide on variance cases for the City. - 7:32PM, February 9,2023 7:30PM, October12,2023 - Accessory buildings, structures, uses and decks shall be subject to the following - Accessory buildings, structures, uses and decks. - Cherokee County GIS. - - Plus, violent crime rates in Holly Springs are 94% lower than the national average. How do I find my property lines in Georgia? area adjacent to an existing or proposed county public road, a lighting plan must An Error 522 means that the request was able to connect to your web server, but that the request didn't finish. - 6:23PM, February18,2020 If structure fronts a major side setback, major side setback shall be 35 feet. OFFICE HOURS. - Minimum building setbacks: As shown and applied in the following diagram: MINIMUM BUILDING SETBACK REQUIREMENTS FOR R-40 DISTRICT. Contact Department. of 2-24-15; Amd. - 6:55PM, September21,2020 - No sale of goods or products shall be permitted except if accessory to a customary - ZONING DISTRICTS AND BOUNDARIES 6.1 - Establishment of districts. 3:02PM, July 5,2022 - - 8:04PM, January24,2022 7:28PM, July18,2022 of 1-24-06; 10:01AM, March15,2021 The board of commissioners encourages preservation of wetland areas. There was an error processing your request. - in the dwelling unit shall be employed in such occupation. 4 0 obj Be Truthful. 6:01PM, July19,2022 is a bona fide farm. - - - - New signs and changes to existing signs are reviewed and approved by City staff on a rolling basis. The Planning Commission also holds a Work Session on the 3rd Monday of each month, ahead of the public hearing, to discuss the agenda items. 6:00PM, June 9,2022 and fences. 6:13PM, October18,2022 This application had a lot of public opposition. - Such landscaped buffer shall be shown on the landscaping plan specified in Holly Springs, GA Population & Demographics Holly Springs is considered to be a very safe city and has 61% less crime than the national average. 6:00PM, February 2,2021 He also held planning and zoning roles in the Charleston, SC area and Athens-Clarke County, GA. (They are very different organizations), A page listing every judicial and court system in Cherokee County with a brief introduction to what they cover. 26) View what's changed This Code of Ordinances and/or any other documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Municipality. of the primary structure. 6:01PM, June22,2022 The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners took action on four zoning cases at Tuesday nights meeting including approval of a request allowing a new sign for convenience store in one of the areas busiest commercial corridors. - The purpose of the public hearing is for the Commission to hear the zoning case and make a recommendation to the City of Ball Ground for approval or denial. - no outside storage is permitted, excluding firewood and lawn furnishings, unless otherwise Floodplain and wetlands preservation requirements. - - - Any project that requires a variance must have a pre-application meeting with City staff prior to submission of an application. Choose wisely! 7:30PM, September20,2021 When an accessory building is intended to be habitable it shall be attached to the The Deeds and Records office maintains the official record of plats within Cherokee County and can be reached at 678-493-6540. 3:02PM, September20,2022 Founded in 1959, the city is home to a diverse population and provides the best in residential areas, commercial areas and community services to its citizens. 6:00PM, September 1,2020 within the district, or within a permitted accessory structure. City of Woodstock. The term "group home" shall also not allow the use of a dwelling 6:00PM, August 5,2021 - - - 6:00PM, July 6,2021 - 6:00PM, August 3,2021 6:02PM, October13,2022 6:00PM, April20,2021 Additional troubleshooting information here. - of 12-11-90; Ord. - No more than 25 percent of the dwelling unit may be used for the operation. 3:01PM, August 3,2021 - - 7:30PM, September14,2023 Annexation applications are to be submitted to the City for review before they are provided to Cherokee County for a comment period. 6:30PM, May 3,2022 a visual and sound buffer for adjacent properties. If the garage, accessory building, structure, use or deck is attached to the primary All buildings used for animals shall be set back not less than 100 feet from any property 3:02PM, December 6,2022 3:09PM, June16,2020 3:02PM, February 7,2023 - No clients or customers are allowed on the premises, except for individual instruction, - Please visit their website for contacts and more information. - The county Board of Commissioners is the governing body, with members elected to office. uses for the R-40 district are the uses listed in section 134-271. You can now use our self-service Permit HQ to obtain preliminary zoning information for your project. - 6:00PM, October19,2021 - - Surrounded by R40 with recent annexation into City of Woodstock in the area. - 2:03PM, October 4,2022 Ord. 3:05PM, November16,2021 To promote the community vision by providing a process for orderly growth and development while protecting local resources in order to enrich the quality of life in Cherokee County. 6:00PM, May 3,2022 - - For more information, see the Citys sign regulations here. commenced to the extent that buyers of adjacent property will be aware of where the A group home shall not allow use of the dwelling as a home - - the required buffer is greater than the required setback, the required buffer shall As used in this subsection, the term "handicapped" shall mean: Having a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of such 12:47PM, August 2,2022 Subscribers can also sign up for a trial offer of99 cents per month for the first two months. - 1998-22 2] The following regulations apply in the R-40 Zone. Are simultaneous games imperfect information. Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm Closed City Holidays. 7:15PM, October18,2021 7:00PM, August 4,2020 7:55PM, May17,2021 As part of the 2023 Comprehensive Plan update process, public input was gathered in late 2022. 6:00PM, November17,2020 to incarceration. - 3:03PM, March 1,2022 6:01PM, May 6,2021 6:00PM, December 7,2021 - development conditions: Maximum height is two stories or 35 feet. Inalfa Roof Systems. Success! 3:09PM, January 7,2020 Livestock, nondomestic and wild animals, and poultry. - 3:06PM, February 4,2020 - are as follows: Cottage food operators as regulated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture in accordance means a dwelling shared by four or fewer persons, excluding resident staff, who live [Amended 8-5-96 by Ord. deck over 144 total gross square feet and up to 650 total gross square feet shall The facility should be designed to include a and is subject to the development conditions below. 7:30PM, December14,2023 6:30PM, November 3,2020 - 6:05PM, March30,2021 - of 9-12-00; 3:02PM, October18,2022 of the items produced by the occupant by commercial carriers. - The purpose of these residential districts is to enable "for sale" residential development and for sale communities of a low density urban character. - - green roofs are considered 60 percent effective impervious and will be calculated 7:40PM, June20,2022 - DISTRICT USES AND REGULATIONS ARTICLE 6. 40-foot undisturbed perimeter buffer. The initial connection between Cloudflare's network and the origin web server timed out. - 7:40PM, February15,2021 of 12-26-72; Res. 3:05PM, April 6,2021 Additionally, a detailed landscape 6:30PM, June 6,2023 An undisturbed buffer 3:02PM, January24,2023 of 6-9-92; Ord. Dubbed the place Where Metro Meets the Mountains, Cherokee County benefits from its status as a region thats business savvy, environmentally alluring and undergoing tremendous growth. 3:00PM, April 5,2022 Deliveries of specialty ingredients such as herbs and spices, etc., limited to those For more information regarding eFiling requirements please click on the link https://www.gsccca.org/learn/efiling-information/plat or download the instructions below. - 11:37AM, May 4,2021 - - Property with shorter amount of road frontage will be the front setback for determining - Oct 8, 2020. accessory building, structure or use shall be located up to a maximum of 25 feet from which may be located on the side of the primary structure and located within two feet 6:03PM, February21,2023 - Since then, Chapman said the applicants had been working with neighbors to try and resolve a number of the issues brought forth during the hearing, but being unable to do so, had submitted a request to withdraw the application, which commissioners granted. type fixtures only is permissible. Landscape buffer and screening requirements. 3:00PM, July 7,2020 of 2-23-10; Ord. 6:02PM, February 7,2023 2:30PM, June 2,2020 In no case shall total pavement of 8-13-91; Ord. - Antennas and satellite dishes shall meet the requirements set forth in section 134-274. - 1:30PM, March16,2021 - Parking requirements. to scale and shall include plant identification by common name. paul buonfiglio funeral home,

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