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However, Damon found his feelings for Elena were only because of Katherine and Elena was not Katherine. I hope you enjoy! Elena rubs her arms, faking a shiver,Im freezing. Or wed have an even bigger problem on our hands.. Love Skucks.tyi msce po tragick autonehod, kter zabila jejich rodie, se 17let Elena Gilbert, jej dv sestry, trojata. Requested by anon/Summary:You and Damon are constantly bickering but still fall for each other. Once again Caroline, Rebekah, Katherine and a reluctant Elijah took a drink. "Grab your aunt and that annoying brat of a brother and go.". Alright. I didnt even know he knew my name, or that he cared enough to ask. Because its less fun.". Never have I ever vomited over my mums shoes twice in one night. Matt felt sympathetic for Katherine so he decided to rescue her. Which will you keep and which will you break? Never have I ever hit on my own brother. He said and Elijah smirked as Rebekah reluctantly took a drink. I ONLY OWN MY VERSION OF ELENA AND ANY CHANGES I MAKE TO THE ORIGINAL PLOT.). Not even Caroline is privy to their whereabouts. , , , . Her double grinned, perfect white teeth glinting even in the dull motel lighting. 'Luxuriating in sensation without the ever weighty grip of emotion to tie her down and back. You used this opportunity to deepen the kiss, knowing Elena was watching. I hope you like it xx, ********************************************************************************************NOT MY GIF, CREDIT TO OWNER. But when Katherine meets a 3-year-old girl named Elena who is supposed to be her doppelganger, she slowly changes who she is. These last two weeks before Christmas break have been absolute hell and absolute chaos. Elena didn't have aname to go by, and the voice wasn't quite something she heard. Elena's and Stefan's relationship had its ups and downs, but it mostly seemed happy, at least when it lasted. I hope you enjoy <3. Work Search: Next to Bonnie was Elena and next to Elena was Jeremy. Eight year at Hogwarts.After the battle, after the war, after the deaths. Since she has a background in writing genre fiction and screenplays, Kath enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero films and shows above all - however, she likes to watch films of all genres. TBH i love their combo in season 1 but after that the writers made it toxic 2 main reason 1st is that Elena fell in love with demon while dating Stefan ( and slept together behind his back without telling him ). Surrounded by powerful witches, vampires, werewolves, and strong human women Elena Gilbert felt out of place, after all, she was sweet innocent little Elena, nobody thinks she's capable of anything, she plans on changing that, Elena has one goal in mind, and that is to make every woman in Mystic Falls her bitch. title take from the song Till Forever Falls Apart by Ashe and FINNEAS. Hope you guys like it!! Bonnie and Caroline engulfed you in a hug, admiring the ring,Oh my, y/n its beautiful!, It was his mothers hes kept it all these years. You gushed,Oh it was so romantic, Caroline.. "You should run," she amends moments later, her fingers tight around the cup of blood Elena had pushed over the threshold. Are you sure you want to do this? You ask nervously as he wheels you toward the entrance of the aquarium. Stefan and Damon were at the hospital, at the hallway, not looking at each other. On the other side of Klaus was Caroline and next to her was Bonnie. 16.7K 460 13. Work Search: But she does meet a blue-eyed man who looks almost exactly like her son. Luckily for Elena, Damon stepped in and replaced his younger brother during the dance. Thank you so much! What will happen to Lilly? Trouble looms near and caution disappears into the void when news of Klaus Mikaelson has been tamed. Damon chuckles, wiping his hands on a rag, Love, its alright This is my cellphone. Prompted anonymously on LJ: What if Elena knew Damon was in love with her before Isobel said it? Now continued as a series of one shots of her life after the triumph. As you entered the Salvatore boarding house you were immediately hit with the smell of blood and bourbon. , , , , , . And what is time if not an asset to an immortal being like him? So theres a costume party at the Grille tonight. You leap onto the bed next to Damon, who is leaned against the headboard, looking through a book. No. He doesnt even look up from the book. - , , - , . Elena is jealous of you and Damons However, surprisingly although everyone excepted Caroline to drink, she didnt and Klaus didnt seem upset so obviously he must have stopped pursuing her. This seat isnt facing the air conditioner and Im quite chill. Elena gives aninnocent smile. Little do they know that just because they've left their problems behind, doesn't mean their problems are done with them. I didnt need to know who saw me like this. Warmth- Stefan x reader. Shes gone brother.. Stefan puts a hand on Damons shoulder, stopping from him to go any closer to the church. Even thinking about what the older had done to her so far sent shivers down her spine. A moment he never expected to have. You wanted your second chance, now do the right thing". A lot of teasing, soaking wet Viscount. No contact with the outside world. Everyone in the room except Damon and Elijah had shocked expressions. In season one, Caroline started to date Elena's ex-boyfriend, Matt, but suspected he was still in love with Elena until it finally . Its me.. Im here. His hand covers yours and he cups your cheek. That hadnt happened to anyone in that room. This is a sequel/prequel sort of thing to my other tvd all human au A Fine Line. Elenas doppelganger was looking at her once again through the mirror. What happens when he gets undaggered? Someone had been creating new vampires which would reign terror on the town as soon as the sun set. Never have I slept with Damon more times than hes slept with Katherine. Jeremy said, also confused about the Elijah, Damon thing. [ DISCLAIMER: I don't own Vampire Diaries, that belongs to Julie Plec. She had taken off the necklace, and yelling would only get Jenna and Jeremy killed. You.Yeah, you there.Wanna hear a story?A story aboutLife and death,friendship and enmity,trust and betrayal.And an unbreakable bond of love formed between a queen and an immortal.Yes?Then sit down and listen carefully. You knew you had his heart and Elena was no longer a thought on his mind. Katherine put her head down and decided to avoid everyones gazes. You glance over at it, eyes wide as it buzzes and makes noises. He was madly in love with her once, but hated her when he turned into a vampire. There I found Damon, weak and unconscious on an experimenting table. Elijah told them. Katherine had promised her an even more intense session the second time, and she was more than delivering. I just had to post an Anthony story today to commemorate the birthday of Jonathan Bailey, the man who plays this titan of a fictional character. Qetsiyah and Stefan didn't actually date, but there was some hardcore flirting between the two. How the hell did you know that? She hissed, looking pissed as Klaus stared at her in confusion, curiosity and smugness. All other characters don't belong to me. Imagine being locked away from the world the moment your born. She had taken off the necklace, and yelling would only get Jenna and Jeremy killed. Drinking blood is necessary for vampires, but unless they're drowning deep in the blood lust, they can choose how they're going to feed - whether from animals or from people, from those who are willing or someone they'll force. What do you mean by tomb vampires? Damon asks the woman in front of him. I will be my own person and be the badass witch that Noone can fuck with. Jeremy Gilbert/Original Female Character(s), Bonnie Bennet & Caroline Forbes Friendship, Author may be projecting but author does not care, Mentions of Rape/Non-Con (Warning In Chapter When Mentioned), Elijah Mikaelson & Klaus Mikaelson & Rebekah Mikaelson, The Mikaelsons being protective with a female oc that is excluded by the others, Elijah Mikaelson & Original Female Character(s), Klaus Mikaelson & Original Female Character(s), Reborn to Love: A Polyamorous Soulmates Journey, Henrik Mikaelson/Original Female Character(s), Malachai "Kai" Parker/Original Female Character(s), Katherine Pierce/Original Female Character(s), Caroline Forbes/Lorenzo "Enzo" St. John/Stefan Salvatore, all manipulated get unManipulated except for the. Smith, details the lives of two brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, who have been living as vampires for centuries. Never have I ever been tortured by sick bastards who hate vampires for 5 years. Katherine said. Only hate, hate, hate. Elijah gave Damon a questioning look. Okay, why are you telling me this? Damon asks, crossing his arms over his chest and glances over at his brother. You. Not knowing what day it is, what time it is. Somewhere in season 3, Klaus and Elena makes a deal: her blood for his hybrids and for peace. Elena watches with envy as the two of you had fallen behind the group to let Damon twirl you, your laughter filling the square. . A chivalrous call comes as you watch in dismay as your favourite bonnet take off in a gust of wind and flies over the lake, landing almost gracefully about twenty feet out into the gently rippling water. a/n: I changed the prompt wording to fit this better. She watches the moving trucks and fancy cars pass by from Tylers front yard, though she doesnt yet know the who occupants of the cars are and she wont meet any of them for another month, the first day of school. He looked at you in a way she never got. Requested by @trunkswithlonghair-blog / Summary: Damon has a bad day in Mystic Falls and his 4 year old daughter is who helps him calm down. This was originally for the FemFeb event on Dreamwidth here, but clearly I cannot stick to deadlines. You knew he wanted to look at the trashy girls working the bar. Next to Bonnie was Elena and next to Elena was Jeremy. Damon and Elijah met eachovers eyes and seemed to have a conversation. Magie ti dvky ale zachrnila a dala jim druhou anci napravit vechno a tak je poslali zptky do roku 2009 kdy cel tento pbh zapoal. Kai parker- friends with benefits. It was clear that by the time this game was over, no one would have much more secrets left. Why didnt I know about this. He asked, barely in a whisper. I thought you said you wouldnt tell anyone. Elijah hissed quietly at him but everyone heard. Friend neglect, bad self esteem, Oc pronouns will be she/herdeath will be referred to as Death as of the fact that I believe Death to be a entity, This is a story that will contain:Elena BashingDamon bashingBonnie BashingSlight caroline bashing in the beginningSlight Stefan Bashing in beginning. You dont even hear him, twisting open the bottle of rum and pouring you a glass. Being a middle school teacher, it was hard enough keeping the kids attention to learn but when the kids return from Thanksgiving break and Christmas nears? It's Mystic Falls, nothing bad ever happens there. Re-write of Season 4. I hate you. Caroline said, playfully glaring at him as she took a drink muttering a few curses under her breath. You could tell that is wasnt aimed at just one person by the look he was giving Caroline. Other The Vampire Diaries characters claim that Elena is a great friend, but the evidence actually points out to the opposite. You two are engaged? Elena asks, still in disbelief. She works as an actress and appeared in feature films, short films, as well as TV series. You were telling about you and Damons day together. And yes, the devil can be beautiful. In which a teen has visions of the future and can't help but notice that the two new, albeit attractive, men that have come to town aren't who they say they are. Neither Damon nor Elena noticed that Stefan had vanished for the entire summer. Never have I ever slept with Damon. Bonnie said proudly. It was just a bloodshed. Elijah was next to Kol. OR: Katherine outsmarts Klaus and everyone else and ends up as the new top dog. 11. Elizabeth a Eleanor Gilbert a jejich 15let bratr Jeremy stle pizpsobuj sv nov realit. When Stefan and Damon Salvatore stayed in Mystic Falls, it wasn't for Elena Gilbert.

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