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Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target Rifle 12. The retained velocity at 400 yards is 2,261 fps, providing plenty of punch for hunters who like to shoot with a point-blank zero. Although it isnt the flattest shooting round, that trait is, ironically, overrated in a long-range round. That changed in 1997 when Remington standardized many 6.5 wildcats based on the .308 Winchester. To overcome this design limitation, reamers were modified to tighten up the chamber, headspace the cartridge off the shoulder rather than the belt, and lengthen the throat. It was introduced in 1963 to augment the series of belted magnum cartridges that Winchester based off the .375 H&H. KIDD Innovations KIDD has a variety of aftermarket accessories to build your own rimfire or upgrade an existing one. I had no issue staying on target for a follow-up shot. This is especially important to those of you who reload and can tailor a custom load for your rifle. Muzzle: 2,401 ft-lbs 500m: 1,301 ft-lbs 1,000m: 633 ft-lbs 1,500m: 325 ft-lbs. Snow Think again. Before its inception, the thought of pushing a 75-grain projectile past 1000 yards was uncommon. Barrel Life: Given the projectile weight and MV, I would guess barrel life to degrade around the 2,000 round mark. Best Long-Range Cartridges 1. However, the majority of builds will be designed for the bolt action system. Initial Thoughts. At least a dozen or more superb match loads are available from Hornady, Federal, Barnes, Nosler, Winchester, American Eagle, SIG Sauer and a plethora of smaller boutique ammo companies. But with some tuning of the magazine that issue can be mostly mitigated. Barrel Life: As with other magnum cartridges, the average barrel life is expected at 1,500-2,000 rounds. History: Introduced to us in 1955, the .243 was designed as a sporting and target rifle round. I do believe the market will catch up to this round. However, because of the lack of interest in the market, ammo is pretty expensive and interest in the caliber is limited to bench rest shooters. Since the beginning, the 6.5 has taken off as one of the best LR cartridges to date. The .300 PRC delivers phenomenal Long Range performance. 1,500m: 776 ft-lbs. Best overall caliber for long range shooting. Ballistically, it absolutely trounces the .308 Win. We conduct interviews with gear manufacturers and engineers as well as outdoor experts so that our readers have an understanding of how and why a product worksor doesnt. With help from the civilian market led by Winchester, the .308 took the world by storm. 500m: 2,772 ft-lbs. You can readily find these rounds online. This is one of the most informative articles I have read on calibers. I had dialed all the elevation in my scope, 33 mils above my zero, and had an extra 35 mils thanks to the prism. Barrel Life on the .243 can range anywhere from 1,500 rounds to 3,000. 1,500m: 426 ft-lbs. So what does that mean? ELR - Beyond 1000 Yards . Though its unlikely the 6.5 PRC will ever be as popular as the 6.5 Creedmoor, it has been well received and several new 6.5 PRC loads were introduced for 2021. Winchester designed the .300 WSM in 2001 with the idea of a hybrid. Mag., .338 Win. Although I dont see this being an entry-level caliber, it could very well lead to a goal for new shooters. History: The .300 Winchester Magnum was developed in 1963 by Winchester itself. Because projectile options can range anywhere from 120gr to 230gr, projectile weights and MVs vary greatly. Average barrel life is around 5,000 rounds. The newest variants of all service sniper rifles have options chambered in the classic Long Range caliber. Head to Head: .22-250 Remington vs. .224 Valkyrie | An Official Journal Of The NRA, First Look: Mission First Tactical Multi Mount, Is It Right For You? This was partly because it could deliver bullets to great distances with very flat trajectories, but also partly because it could do so with less recoil than other popular long-range cartridges. 1,500m: 630 ft-lbs. It is a product of natural selection and evolutionthe best features of several classic LR rounds fused into one. A faster MV does mean the round is impacted LESS by the wind than a slower MV. You can build a .223 rifle in almost any rifle action. Because it shoots a much lighter bullet about 300 fps faster than its parent, recoil is much lighter, trajectory is flatter and wind drift is equal or less. And most of all, be safe and be fun. Competitive shooters traditionally pick a hollowpoint boattail bullet in the 168-grain range, such as Sierras obscenely accurate MatchKing. Thats when I was approached by another shooter who said I hit the bottom right portion of the plate, and I looked through his spotter to confirm. Definitely a great overall cartridge for any skill range in the Long Range shooting community. Ammo Availability: One of the biggest drawbacks of this round is that ammunition is not readily available and its expensive. Ammo Availability: Like the .308 Winchester, ammo availability and reloading components are everywhere. And since it uses the ever-popular 6.5 projectiles, components are relatively cheap. Initial Thoughts: Just like any new and exciting caliber that is designed specifically for the LR community, I know the performance will be top-notch. Also because of how popular and available it is, the 6.5 comes in around $0.75 to $1.25 per round, making it very affordable to shoot compared to other high-performing LR calibers. Picking six top long-range competition-cartridges was hard because various long-range disciplines apply a vast spread of demands, and many such as Palma and Service Rifle have cartridge-specific regulations. The .300 PRC delivers phenomenal Long Range performance. It is a wildcat custom-build-only proposition that has no ammo available and has to have brass formed unless you are lucky enough (and rich enough) to find some ADG made for this round and even then, variations will exist in reamer design to render the ADG brass only marginally more useful than formed 300 Ultra brass. Its bullets will remain supersonic out past 2,000 yards. It makes no sense to me (since Im not a bench rest shooter) to pick a caliber that you intend to invest $2500+ in a barreled action if you cannot find the ammo to feed it. Thats what makes older cartridges like the .260 great. The average price per round will be around $2.00. in earnest, awarding a contract to Federal Cartridge Co., in 1987 to produce .300 Win. Subscribe to OL+ for our best feature stories and photography. The average price per round is $3.00-$4.25. A lot can actually affect the observed recoil of a Long Range rifle. This makes the Valkyrie an excellent choice for distance shooting with an MSR. Now by swapping a barrel, Long Action set-ups like the .300 Norma or Winchester magnums could not manage the overall cartridge length of the new .338 Norma. Without, this cartridge should be shot by older more experienced enthusiasts. Other than some boutique businesses that will load ammo for you, there is currently no factory 6mm Dasher offered, which is a significant barrier to entry for many shooters. The average price per round is $1.75. No. Remington 700 5R 10. Heres his account of the achievement, which took place at the Spearpoint Ranch in Barnard, Kansas, on March 27. For the hunters in mind, the ability to take a .30 caliber projectile (which has the superior terminal performance to the smaller 6.5mm projectiles) and flatten its trajectory to achieve those longer shots in higher winds is crucial. Thats not a problem since the long-range stages are slow-fire. 1. The .308 Win case has a nice even powder burn and has readily available brass for reloading. Its pinpoint accuracy makes it deadly on these animals to 500 yards and more. One cartridge needs to be crowned the most accurate and it just happens to be one youve probably never heard of. I initially did not put a brake on itafter the 14th round (during barrel break-in) my right peck muscle started to quiver. I fear that is about all this round is targeted for. I like the ability to swap barrels on the same action as a .308 or .300giving you great anti-personnel effects, while also being capable of anti-material mission capabilities with the .338. This cartridge as it stands is perfect for a PRS shooter. Several other .30 cal magnum rounds were designed at the time, but the .300 Winchester Magnum was the only one of the lot, to stand the test of time. At the time this cartridge was revolutionary in that it bridged the gap between small and fast varmint projectiles with heavier medium game calibers. Fortunately for them, older stalwarts like the .308 Win. NRA Women | Is Ballistic Coefficient Irrelevant? That one-millimeter difference means a large increase in MV. You have so much faith that your round will hit your target. Another rapidly growing competitive discipline is the .223 only PRS-type match. Its supersonic to 1,750 yards at sea level, almost making that one-mile mark. Take the Lapua and shorten the case so it can be fired from a standard Long Action. Why even mention such an antiquated round? There is no one-size-fits all answer when it comes to the best long-range calibers. That same rifle can shoot my hand-loaded 175 grain Sierra Match Kings at 0.4-0.5 MOA at 100m. Offering superb accuracy coupled with very light recoil, the 6mm Creedmoor is a favorite amongst PRS shooters needing to spot their own impacts at long range. Muzzle: 4,186 ft-lbs. Remaining Energy: Muzzle: 2402 ft-lbs. Decide where you fit in. A rifle's precision depends on the tightness of the groupings it shoots or the MOA (Minute of Angle) it holds. If you want to shoot flat and hit hard, this is the cartridge; at 1,000 yards it hits with more than 1,500 foot-pounds of energy. At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks For Long Range Calibers in 2022. Yeah, itll work in a bolt gun, but in the AR-15 it is the undisputed best cartridge for stretching distance. When comparing TR values, think of it this way. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. Other Equipment The higher the BC number, the more aerodynamic and better performing the projectile will be. The 6mm BR competition guys love to shoot fast strings in competition to get the best wind conditions, so they commonly see 1000-1500 for 6mm Dasher. Buying my first 308 soon in AR a first as wella double adventure! One reason for the .300 Win. No. In order to do so, their already proven case, the 6.8 SPC (Special Purpose Cartridge) was necked down to fit a .22 caliber projectile. A good hunting cartridge. Lets look at the last point, first. Unfortunately being such an older caliber, new-age tactical guys will not see this cartridge on many platforms. Again, being one of the forefathers of the Long Range shooting community, .308 is found everywhere. Barrel length will also change average MVs. Subscribe to OL+ for our best feature stories and photography. Recoil is slightly less than the PRC even though some loads surpass the PRC in velocity unless the PRC is pushed to the point accuracy falls off. The .25 had the .25-06 glaring it in the face, while the .223 was known as a barrel eater supreme (I say as I build a .22 Creedmoor). off-the-shelf ammo, most of the time you will not have the luxury of thumbing through several different BCs of the same caliber and ammo manufacturer. Muzzle: 2,832 ft-lbs. Those projectiles shed their speed slowly, so the 6.5 PRC can catch up with much larger and harder-recoiling cartridges at 600 yards and beyond. I believe this was due to the projectiles that were selected for each. I have shot my .338LM to 2616 yards at a match. For hunting it makes more sense to run with something a bit stouter. Average MV for a .223 is 3100 fps. Mag. Recoil Condition: With more case volume than a .308 and firing the same grain weight bullet, the .30-06 will have more felt recoil than a .308. Overall Practicality: This round impresses the hell out of me. One of the selling points of this round, when it was introduced, was its light recoil for a deer gun. After answering the questions above, the rest of this guide should be able to help you find which round is right for your mission and budget. After the film it skyrocketed to stardom. Ammo Availability: Again, being one of the forefathers of the Long Range shooting community, .308 is found everywhere. Cross-Platform Use: .300 PRC is strictly a bolt action caliber at the moment. This site contains affiliate links. Also, terminal performance on larger targets has proven weak at best (one large reason the .243 never caught on with the military). Just $1 per month , The story behind Ryan Cheneys record 4,134-yard shot, By Cross-Platform Use: This cartridge can be found in semi-auto AR-style rifles. Cross-Platform Use: You can build a .223 rifle in almost any rifle action. Whats not to love? Today, this cartridge is in use globally by military/LE personnel, hunters, and LR shooting enthusiasts. Modernized versions, such as Sierras 168-grain Tipped MatchKing and Hornadys 168-grain ELD Match, substantially bump up ballistic coefficient (BC) numbers, further increasing capability. He took that case and necked it down to load .243 (6mm) projectiles. A car that accelerates 0-60mph faster than another car, does not mean its the best car overall. Myriad projectile options are available and perform superbly in the .300 Win. Does it go the farthest? With low case volume and slower MVs, the Grendel is an ideal cartridge for barrel life. In essence, the 6.5284 Norma equals the performance of the .270 Winchester with projectiles having much higher BC and consuming slightly less powder. We all have scores of 5.56 mags laying aroundwhy not beef up that system? The .300 Win. From what can be expected, the .224 wears a little bit more than the .223, approx. The .308s biggest weakness is the lack of propellant capacity to push heavy-for-caliber, super-aerodynamic bullets at useful velocities. Unless that backer has five distinct holes in itwhich Stinnetts didit doesnt count. Any shooter of any age can comfortably shoot the Valkyrie without feeling recoil fatigue. Stinnett stacked those bullets so perfectly that the shot-to-shot variance was only detectable by precision calipers. Get the gist? High ballistic coefficient bullets carry their velocity better. The ultimate open-country hunting cartridge. Meet the all-new Taurus Judge Executive Grade, a revolver featuring a hand-polished satin finish, presentation-grade wood grips, a brass rod front sight and an exceptional hand-tuned trigger. High-end AR-10s can regularly maintain sub-MOA accuracy. Home Tactical Gear Reviews 17 Best Long Range Calibers in 2023 (Ranked by a Marine Sniper). Projectile manufacturers are even still making their high-end rounds in .243. Ballistic Co-Efficient: 143 ELD-X G1: 0.625 G7: 0.315, Remaining Energy: Muzzle: 2670 ft-lbs 500m: 1439 ft-lbs 1,000m: 698 ft-lbs 1,500m: 335 ft-lbs. This cartridge calls for a custom case. Most service rifle matches include stages at 200, 300 and 600 yards, from various positions, some timed, while others are slow-fire. In the final analysis, when regulation demands, the .308 can be manipulated into working at long range. Muzzle Velocity: 168gr Berger Target Hybrid @ 3,200 fps, Ballistic Co-Efficient: G1: 0.515 G7: 0.264. WELL DONE!!! Some compare it to the .260 or 6.5 Creedmoor, the 6.5x47mm Lapua is known to be very accurate. Not to mention guys that still compete with and collect old military surplus riflesI see the. You get excellent Long Range performance, with recoil slightly less than the .308 Winchester. Recently, I have been in the dilemma of trying to decide which caliber to use for 1000 yards. Overall Practicality: The .223 is an excellent choice for an inexperienced and/or younger shooter. While the 6.5mm (0.264) projectile was incredibly popular in Europe, the US in the late 90s was still stuck on the .30 caliber range. [Editors note: Thats about 90 feet of wind drift at 4,134 yards.] Ive made five-in-a-row 1,400-yard hits on a 24-inch round steel gong with my favorite 6.5 Creedmoor match load (a 142-grain SMK pushed to 2,750 fps with H4350 powder). What do I mean by that? 1. All images on our website are the property of their respective owners. G7 is the most current and most accurate measurement of the predicted flight of a long-range projectile. Time of Flight (ToF) (the time it takes between squeezing a trigger and the round impacting the desired target) helps describe a scenario in which a shooter can put a round on target in a shorter amount of time, but does not describe the profound damage done to the barrel. A quarterback must spin the football in a way to achieve a tight spiral. For a more modern, cutting-edge option, Sierra and Hornady now both produce composite-tipped match bullets that provide significantly higher BCs while maintaining similar levels of accuracy. The case body is slightly smaller and more efficient than the 7mm WSM, and slightly larger and more capable than the .284 Winchester. Remaining Energy: Muzzle: 4,029 ft-lbs. Vastly improved barrel life by having a good case volume to bore volume ratio, and pushing longer bullets through the tube. You can certainly find uppers to piece onto your AR-10 lower. Semi-automatic pistols for self-defense continue to be extremely popular, but there is a surprising amount of new double-stack 1911s and revolvers released this year. Caliber Comparison: 7mm Rem Mag vs 30-06 Springfield. This last factor will doom the cartridge, in and of itself if no one else picks up the torch for brass production (which isnt likely). This round impresses the hell out of me. As a candidate for the best overall long-range caliber. This round is a hammer and a scalpel. Impressive, comprehensive, is packed with useful information. Ruger's multi-role small frame autoloading rifle - Sear - combines AR-10 power with AR-15 Portability. Easy and fun to shoot. Remaining Energy: Muzzle: 2,832 ft-lbs. 500m: 1,123 ft-lbs 1,000m: 394 ft-lbs. This year it had shots out to 2,000 yards, although most of the shots were 800-1700 yards. In order to do so, their already proven case, the 6.8 SPC (Special Purpose Cartridge) was necked down to fit a .22 caliber projectile. The moly does extend the cleaning interval a little bit, probably 20 percent or so. Mag, which were rolled out in 1958. 1,500m: 362 ft-lbs. Muzzle Velocity: MVs range from 2,500 fps (130gr projectile) to 2,880 fps (90gr projectile). [Editors note: At 1,000 yards, this puts the shot more than 200 feet above the ground.] We were always trained to overcome our shortcomings. Recoil Condition: Like most calibers with projectiles lighter than 150 grains, the recoil can be considered light. More important is consistency, and the mild-mannered .308 demonstrates that in spades. Better, more expensive builds make this advantage a wash, but in my experience, it is fair to say the .30-06 is generally more forgiving. Sig Cross Rifle 14. The .243 Winchester has a large MV range; from 3,025 fps (105 grain projectile) to 4,058 fps (55 grain projectile). The two most common BCs used are G1 and G7 below: If you notice the G7 profile has a more streamlined design. My bias steers clear of the wildcat calibers. The 6.5 Creedmoor has made a name for being one of the best overall performing and versatile calibers for the Long Range market. 1,000m: 1,287 ft-lbs. While absolute best-possible performance is usually achieved through handloading, the 6.5 Creedmoor typically provides unprecedented factory-load accuracy. MSRP: $1,537; Check availability here. The military changed its need for the .30-06 as its primary infantry weapon cartridge. Easy and fun to shoot. With the right bullet and (as always) good shot placement, the 6.5 Creedmoor hits hard. Barrel Life: Because projectile options can range anywhere from 120gr to 230gr, projectile weights and MVs vary greatly. It offers exceptional accuracy and a decent range for shooters who do not have Long Range facilities available. He took that case and necked it down to load .243 (6mm) projectiles. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you can apply the same questions and principles to select which caliber you want to dive into the awesome world of long-range shooting. BUCK DOYLE Preferred Caliber For 500 To 1,000 Yards And Beyond: .260 Remington (130-grain Berger AR Hybrid OTM Tactical) GEORGE HAWTHORN Preferred Caliber For 500 To 1,000 Yards And Beyond: 6.5 Creedmoor. You could say that the 6 mm Creedmoor story started in 1955 with the introduction of the .244 Remington, which was a .257 Roberts cartridge necked down to 6 mm. The .300 WSM is going to be a bolt-action-only build. Before undertaking presumptuous claims such as Im about to make, its worth laying down a few guidelines. Remaining Energy: Muzzle: 2,158 ft-lbs 500m: 1,047 ft-lbs 1,000m: 436 ft-lbs 1,500m: 222 ft-lbs. I think the .375 & .408 Chey Tac and 416 Barrett suffer from ammo cost and availability? Based on the .375 Ruger cartridge case, the 300 PRC uses the 0.532-inch bolt face and has a 30-degree shoulder, and like with all of the modern long-range cartridges, one key to the performance of the 300 PRC is the mandated fast twist rate. Not long ago, the .308 was king. Shooters are required to spot misses themselves and make needed corrections without assistance. New LR shooters also often skimp on glass and what I see most often is that someone buys a cheap scope so that they can afford other goodies for their rifles. | The sun had just set and it was pretty dark looking through my Nightforce ATACR scope fitted with a Charlie Tarac Macro Charlie optical prism. Shortly after leaving the Marine Corps, McMahon became a contractor for the US Army, testing small arms and large caliber weapons for potential military contracts. I think this cartridge will prove useful to the long range community in the future. This is one of the most helpful and actionable articles I have seen. Quite a few of the more serious PRS shooters now have a dedicated, specialized rifle chambered in .223 just for such matches. At that point, I could barely see anything. Take the .308 Winchester at 500 for comparison, The level of confidence of a first-round hit at that range is extremely high. Its not the fastest, farthest, or most accurate roundbut it will certainly get the job done with less headache and wallet-ache. Its a thankless job, but somebodys got to point you toward the best of the best. It was a great option at the time for those wanting long range performance with very low recoil. The US military decided that the average rifle squad was more effective by accurately delivering rounds on target with a 5.56mm rifle than the heavier recoiling 7.62 platforms. That includes the 6 Dasher, 6 GT, 6 BRA, and 6 BRX, along with the 6.5mm and 6mm Creedmoors. All in all, this caliber is excellent for those of you who do not have the time, money, or training to dive into 1000m+ shooting. The new bullet remained supersonic longer than the 190-grain Mod 0 load, and didnt give up much downrange performance to the .338, while generating less recoil and being much more cost effective for the military to adopt, which it did in 2010. I still like this cartridge for a bolt gun though. The .243 can be a great beginner gun because of its low recoil and ammo availability. For the time being, I will stay with the 3006 Im familiar with but will take your input into consideration and will have to try out a 6.5 Creedmoor at your recommendation. Now, this parameter may not be too important to most of you out there, searching for the best Long Range caliber. For a rifle platform, this caliber is great for building a highly modular and dynamic setup. Thanks. Nosler Trophy Grade Accubond 165-grain .308 Win. Its moderate recoil, inherent accuracy, and proven lethality is why it is such a great choice for new hunters. Also, experience firing large bore calibers is advised. So when I speak of overall practicality, I would steer people towards a round that is attainable in an easily bought rifle. By efficiently boosting high-ballistic coefficient (BC) projectiles at useful velocities in a case and chamber designed for inherent accuracy, the 6.5 Creedmoor enables shooters to consistently connect with 1,000-yard targets (and beyond in the case of a savvy shooter). I have been considering something with more power and am willing to learn to reload. Lapua has offered cases off and on for several years, enabling accuracy-obsessed shooters to make the most of the 7mm SAUM. Any seasoned long-range shooter will tell you that understanding the dynamics of Transonic Range (TR) is critical in overall success. It stays supersonic clear to 2,100 yards. As originally designed in 1963, the .300 Win. I was an early adopter of this round because it seemed to hit a sweet spot for the kind of hunting I like bestthe open country of the West, where long shots in windy conditions on mule deer, elk, and other game are the norm. However, the more compact 6.5 PRC case isat least theoreticallymore conducive to better accuracy. These are the calibers that I have seen shot to 2000 yards or more that are very accurate. As with most of the modern cartridges designed for distance, the cartridge case is short enough to allow for long, high BC bullets to still work with common magazine lengths. The projectile designed specifically for Long Range shooting is the 90 grain Sierra Match King. The interest in long-range precision shooting continues to rise; it seems like everyone wants to ring steel targets that are 10 football fields away. If you had the money to spend on it, and were not needing a semi-auto rifle for competitions, the .300 Norma Magnum is possibly the best performing round on this list. The first time I fired the .300NM I was blown away. headspaces off the belt and has a significant amount of slop at the shoulder (about .004 in. With low recoil and flat trajectories, the .260 is another great option for someone interested in Long Range shooting.

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